Call for papers (Semas, n. 4, 2021)


The Editorial Committee of Semas. Revista de Lingüística Teórica y Aplicada (Semas. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics) invites the international academic community to collaborate on its fourth issue. We invite researchers, academics, and graduate students to present original research papers that provide relevant knowledge in the area of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, and that are also capable of suggesting new directions for research on topics, methodologies, approaches and bibliographic sources. Book reviews and interviews with specialists in the area will also be accepted.

The contributions sent to the journal must be unpublished and must not be committed to other journals or publishers. Contributions are accepted either in English or in Spanish. All research articles will undergo a double-blind peer review process for validation prior to publication. The fourth call for papers will be open until March 5, 2021; works received after this date will be considered for the next issue of the journal.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Articles must be sent by digital copy as attachments to the journal’s address:, or through the journal's website: Two digital files will be sent for each collaboration. In one of them, the author's data will be consigned in a document that must include at least: full name(s) and surname(s) of the author(s), as they are used to signing their texts and without using initials (if the text is the work of more than one author, the first one will be considered the main author); institution or affiliation of the author(s), including city and country; curriculum synthesis of the author, which includes teaching or scientific positions and categories; e-mail address of the author(s). In the other file, the full text of the article shall be included. Any reference to the author(s) within the body of the document should be avoided in order to preserve their anonymity during the review process.

Each manuscript must be accompanied by:

- Title of the text in Spanish and in English

- Summary of the text in Spanish and in English, not exceeding 150 words. It should be written as a single paragraph in which the purpose, main results, and conclusions of the research are presented in a concise manner.

- Key words or phrases of the text (no less than three and no more than eight), in Spanish and in English. They should not match words or phrases that are already in the title of the text.

- The following must also be delimited: an introduction, which states the purposes and other elements to be highlighted; the epigraphs, with their corresponding titles; the conclusions; and the references.

Guidelines for the presentation of texts

- Text format: .doc or .rtf

- Page size: letter (215 x 279 mm)

- Font: Times New Roman 12

- Line spacing: 1.5

- Maximum length for original research articles: 20 pages

- Maximum length for reviews and interviews: 5 pages

- All sources cited in the articles or mentioned in the body of the text must be clearly identified, following what is established in our guidelines for the presentation of collaborations, which can be consulted at the following link: Editorial Requirements and Guidelines for Authors.

Semas. Revista de Lingüística Teórica y Aplicada
Editors-in-chief: Dra. Juliana De la Mora and Dra. Eva Patricia Velásquez Upegui
Editors: Mtra. Sandra Arteaga Santos and Mtro. Stanislav Mulík
Facultad de Lenguas y Letras, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro